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Terms Of Use


Use all our designs in your personal crafts and projects.
Use our designs as part of jewelry pendants, cards, to decoupage items, scrapbooking projects, wedding invitations and magnets.
Use our designs as a base to create a tangible goods, such as: journals, tags, cards and other paper crafts, as long as you use our designs as a tool to create something of your own and not just print them out on a piece of paper.
Use our designs to create your own tangible items, as long as your add enough embellishments and effort to make it look different then original.
In case you would like to create something that is not stated above, feel free to contact us any time.


Use our designs to create Digital Collage Sheets or Any Other Digital product.
Just print out our designs, as is, on a piece of paper and sell them as tangible items. 
Host our files on your website and offer free download.
Use our designs as part of scrapbooking kits both physical and digital.
Resell our designs on other venues, as your own.

Copyright belongs to GraphicsiteArt and it is not transferred via purchase.

By purchasing the items from our shop, you agree to these terms of use.